Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lessons Learned from the North American International Auto Show

My friend Marc and I met his friend Ken at the North American International Auto Show, aka the Detroit Auto Show. This is the actual trade show where concept cars are revealed every year in Detroit.

None of us were really looking for a new car, so we went with the idea of taking some photographs. Now, I've been there before in 2006, and I don't think I did any better this time around taking photographs to be honest.

I used to shoot the 300d, which was pretty bad with noise. I now have the 20d, which does much better. Nonetheless, I convinced myself to keep the ISO low, which forced me to use wide apertures and slow shutter speeds. BIG MISTAKE.


Most photos are NOT sharp, I think because of a combination of the wide aperture (small depth of field) and my slow shutter speeds (shaky hands).

What I really should have done is bump the ISO to 800 and used some smaller apertures for better DOF. Nonetheless, Ferrari had some pretty nice cars, even though they kept the coolest one behind glass.



Of course, since I drive the mazda3, I had to check out the new Mazda concept car.